Digital Greeting Card

Great for "Retail" market & Loyalty program.
Data collection tool.
Excellent for web marketing and promotion.
Cool & Fun.

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Why To Choose 2wishU

Responsive Design

Responsive design: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile

Data Collection Tool

Customer data base, generate leads, feedback & polls. Secured data base.

High Positive Exposure

Expose your brand to customers while they are happy & positive mood.

Customizable Theme

We offer fully branded OEM customized system.

Multi-language Interface

Any language, anywhere. Anti abuse mechanisem.

Web Marketing

Implement our embeded button in your website & Start generate cool greetings. Viral marketing via social network.

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Make it personal!

Pick your event category.
Pick your preferred card's design.
Shoot live photo or pick a YouTube clip.
Write your personal message & save.

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Create your own cool design.

Retail Mode

Greeting solution for retail stores POS. Printed on labels, cards, paper bags, carriers, gift wraps & boxes.

Remote Mode

Greeting solution for Flower shops & Telephone orders. The QRcode is printed on labels & cards and with a code access, Customer can remotely edit his own greeting via your brand's custom designed landing page. 2wishU is a big time saver, No more annoying dictation and misspells!

digital greeting card

Application Modes

Retail Mode
Remote Mode
Website Mode
Trigger Mode
e-Commerce Mode
ecommerce platform

Website Mode

Greeting solution for online holiday campaigns. Embedded greeting button integrated in your company website. Allow your customer send beautiful greeting cards for Free to their family & friends.

Trigger Mode

Greeting solution for industrial companies. Print our code on your product packaging. No variable data required. Same code will generate multiple entry to our greeting engine.

e-Commerce Mode

Greeting solution for e-commerce platform. Add our greeting button on checkout for easy Up-sell. Full integration with your CRM. </br>It is a money making machine.

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Have a few questions? Of course you do. We've got answers!

What is it?

Cool digital greeting engine.

What is new?

We are the first in the world to connect digital greeting with physical present.

How doe's it work?

Simply scan our code via smartphone, Choose category, pick your design, edit your message, attach a photo or you tube song clip, make it personal & save.The reciever will notice our code on the gift pack, scan & watch your cool greeting. He may reply to you with thanks via SMS or call and share with freinds via Facebook.

How do I get the code?

Popular retailers offer the code in stores, or e-commerce platform.

How doe's it look?

2wishU codes are printed on labels or postcards.

Do I need to download an app in order to use it?

No, you may use any common QR reader installed on your phone.

Is it more expensive than printed paper greeting?

No, common paper greetings costs you $2 - $5 retail price. "2WishU" greetings will cost you not more than $0.5-$1 some retailers offer it free of charge!

Who is your target market?

Retailers: fashion. Jewelery, toys, optic, spirits & wine, cosmetics, body shop, gifts and more. Telephone orders: Flower shops, choclate shops, Online present shops, e-commerce platforms and etc.

What's special in "2WishU"?

Each greeting contains splash screen promo of your brand. We are the only media that offer you 100% exposer. You get captive audience for your message. Your brand will be recognized with happy mood. No void stock, you may change your promo screens remotely online. Excellent up-sell tool: Buy gift in $25 and get a free greeting. Perfect data collection tool, retailer gets sender & reciever personal data. Viral promotion via share button of social networks. Freedom of choice, you may order the printed QR code from us or just get our digital files and print it by yourself. Flexibility: you may print our QR codes on labels, postcards, tickets, paper wrap, paper bags, bottle label, cardbaord gift box or thin metal. You can even use it online with our embeded greeting button on your website.

What is 2wishU business model?

We are doing business through network of business partners/resellers per territory. We provide our resellers with a full training & marketing tools. The resellers can manage independently their campaigns via multi lingual back-end. Our business model is pay per code.

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